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Risks and Symptoms

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Some mood disorders are characterized by manic episodes, periods of abnormally high energy. Behavior may be diagnosed as a manic episode if:

An abnormal and continuously elevated (happy or energetic) mood or an irritable mood occurs and lasts at least 1 week.
During this elevated or irritable mood, at least three of the following symptoms are present:
Inflated self-esteem or unrealistic feelings of importance
Decreased need for sleep (feeling rested after only a few hours of sleep)
Talkativeness (more than usual)
Racing thoughts
Being easily distracted by unimportant things
An increased focus on reaching job or personal goals
Involvement in irresponsible activities that might have dangerous consequences, such as engaging in increased sexual activity, making foolish business deals, or spending large sums of money
The behavior is severe enough to cause an inability to function properly in a job, in social situations, or in relationships with others. It is possible you may need to seek hospitalization if the behaviors become so severe you need help to prevent harming yourself or others.
The symptoms are not due to substance abuse.
Psychosis may be present.
If you or someone you love is experiencing a manic episode, it is important to seek help. Many treatments are available.

Depression, extreme mood or personality changes, or episodes of intense or unusually high energy seen in bipolar disorder can be caused by many disorders. Other possible causes for these types of symptoms include:

Drug, alcohol, or other substance abuse.
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).
Hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism.
Psychosis from steroid use.
It is also possible that certain serious medical conditions, such as a brain tumor, can cause a change in personality or behavior. You or your loved one should seek treatment for these symptoms. Be sure to discuss all your symptoms with your doctor to help in making an accurate diagnosis.
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